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Industry leader for timber sawing optimization

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Since 2005 we brings you the best solution for your sawmill business! Hundred's of companies from one person to big facilities. Huge amount of know how developed for 19 years. Our solution for you :)

CutLog is complex (but easy to learn and use) software for sawmills, which helps you solve everyday tasks = making optimization patterns for sawing logs and producing timber. With CutLog you optimize your production for much less time than before. Just download it and you can try it for free. It is sure, that no person can give better results than our software. And everything in fraction of time.

CutLog is not connected to any additional expensive technology! You can install it on your computer and start using it. Whether you are manager or person in production you can use CutLog for your benefit. (Although we have developed several connections to sawmills PLC)

In addition: You can prepare business offers, production plan, sawing patterns base on timber you need to produce. You can analyze your production. Analyze price of timber base on suppliers prices. etc.etc. CutLog is suitable for either big or small sawmills. It give you results you need very quickly. It is adaptable to any available sawmill technology


CutLog contribute to greater efficiency regardless of whether you produce construction lumber or pallet timber

CutLog software is flexible and very easy to understand for people working in sawmill industry. It increased profit in many companies. And in addition cost of license is negligible compared to any specialized software or in comparison of price of sawlogs processed during one shift!

Installation of CutLog is as easy as other software for Windows... just download it from web page and you can start working! 
No difficult settings and many days of sleep on trainings (like any ERP software) .... just install and work! 

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