Sorting optimization for Sawmill stock

On the beginning of production you have sawlogs. On the other end you have timber in several sizes.
When sawmill usually buy sawlogs it has to sort it in some boxes prior to sawing. Number of boxes can be different from sawmill to sawmill. (Of course some technologies allow skip sorting).
So. Let’s imagine that you are already sorting logs in some ways, for example with diameter step of 10mm. Then I give you these questions:

1. Is this sorting optimal?
2. For particular timber size... from which box You take sawlog to achieve optimum yield?

Sorting Optimization“ module give you answers for this questions.

So, base on:
- real production (timber sizes)
- input sizes of logs
You can answer on questions:
- how should I sort logs optimally, if I need for example 12 boxes?
- I need to produce board with sizes 22x50.... from which box I have to take sawlogs?

As a result you will have:
for defined number of boxes you obtain suggested sorting of logs (4 optimization methods). Of course you can modify sorting as you wish. You can split adjacent boxes, join them or move borders between them.

Then for each timber size you obtain recommended boxes (numbered by priority).

So, you get for example results:

Box1: sawlog diameter from 100 to 102mm
Box2: sawlog diameter from 103 to 110mm

And then:

For timber 20x40 is the best to take sawlogs from box #3, then from box #2 etc.etc.

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