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Our references and CutLog customers

We have over 300 licenses sold. List of some customers follows:

  AB Lignum s.r.o. Czech Republic
  Agroserviso kooperatyvas "Pynauja" Lithuania
  AI S.A Chile
  Ara-puu oy Parola Finland 
  Arkaim Russia
  AS Textuur  Estonia
  Barrus Ltd. Estonia
  BAU-PROTECT, s.r.o. Slovakia
  Barter s.r.o. Slovakia
  Camgur Timber and Construction Industry Turkey
  Coillte TEO Ireland
  DCP Timber s.r.o. Slovakia
  DDCA Production LTD Ukraine
  DEBEUCKELAERE Gebroeders NV Belgium
  Drepal s.r.o. Slovakia
  Drevopal s.r.o. Slovakia
  Dřevovýroba Prokš, s.r.o. Czech Republic
  Dřevo-Trans s.r.o  Czech Republic
  Drevo SV, s.r.o. Slovakia
  Drum Eood Bulgaria
  DUBAY Co, s.r.o. Slovakia
  East End Sawmills Ltd. Scotland (UK)
  Ecosys Ltd. Bulgaria
  FCS Engenharia Florestal Brazil
  Fenghua Xinsen Wood Industry Co., Ltd China
  Feniks Tartak Grzegorz Strzoda Poland
  Forestal Tromen LLC USA
  Förmann NT Ltd Estonia
  Gatro s.r.o. Czech Republic
  Good Memes Flowing Inc. Canada
  Gofer Ukraine Ukraine
  Hakim s.r.o. Czech Republic
  H.J.Ross Company USA
  HOLDES - horehronská lesná a drevárska spolocnost, s.r.o.  Slovakia
  Holttem AS Estonia
  IKEA TORG Russia
  IKEA TORG  Siberian
  James Davies Ltd Great Britain
  JAVOŘICE, a.s. Czech Republic
  Jilos Horka s.r.o. Czech Republic
  Jisam s.r.o. Czech Republic
  Jozef Boča - Drevovýroba Slovakia 
  Kaunas Kolegija Lithuania 
  KAVYL s.r.o. Czech Republic
  KJB Krzysztof Bałamącek Poland
  Krauzers Ltd. Latvia
  Laesti AS Estonia
  Laminadora Los Angeles S.A. Chile
  Lappeenranta University of Technology  Finland
  Lebois S.A. Belgium
  Losan solid woods, s.a. Spain
  Maderas Rio Colorado S.A. Chile
  MARDOM PRO spółka z ograniczoną Poland
  Markus Sajewicz Sp. z o.o. Poland
  MAVELIN sprl Belgium
  MSM s.r.o. Slovakia
  MZ-Drevod Lazian a.s. Slovakia
  NOI CZ s.r.o. Czech Republic
  Nørlund-Viskum Træ A/S Denmark
  Novelteak Costa Rica SA Costa Rica
  O&K s.r.o. Czech Republic
  OJSC "UI LZD" Russian Federation
  P.Irving & Sons Ltd.  England
  Pajurio Mediena UAB Lithuania
  Parkside Group Australia
  Pila Diamir, s.r.o. Slovakia
  Pila Dráchov s.r.o. Czech Republic
  Pila Javořice, a.s. Czech Republic
  Pila MSK, a.s. Czech Republic
  Pilex Slovakia s.r.o. Slovakia
  Pöyry - Forest Industry Consulting GmbH Germany
  Pöyry Management Consulting (UK) Ltd England
  Pradědský lesní závod, a.s. Czech Republic
  PRP s.r.o. Slovakia
  PRP PLUS s.r.o. Slovakia
  Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Nawara s.c. C.J.S.T. Nawara Poland
  PT Indo Allure Indonesia
  Q.E.D. Ltd. t/a Multisaw South Africa
  Rybell Service B.V.B.A. Belgium
  Scierie Lebois Belgium
  SIA Gl Plus Latvia
  SIA LIFT Latvia
  SIA Santa un partneri Latvia
  SELMANI s.r.o. Slovakia
  Spektrum s.r.o.  Slovakia
  SRUBMONT s.r.o. Czech Republic
  Urbárska spoločnosť Jakubany Slovakia
  Universidad del Bio-Bio Chile
  Varpa Ltd. Latvia
  Veisto Oy Finland
  Woodplast Trade s.r.o. Slovakia
  Wood Working, s.r.o. Slovakia
  Wravor d.o.o. Slovenia
  WRG Timber OÜ Estonia
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