Optimization software for timber sawing

CutLog is complex software for sawmill business suitable for any technology today. It is made in close relation to our customers. If you are sawmill manager or person who prepare sawmill equipment. You just need CutLog for your work.


Your benefit of using CutLog:

 In addition you will get:
  • Increase yield/profit by 3-7%
  • Increase utilization of wood
  • Easy plan your production plan
  • Spend much less time with decide, how to cut the sawlog
  • Quick decision support tool in price analysis process
  • World fastest calculation of optimum sawing for given diameter.
  • Competitive advantage for you
  • No additional license cost. Just license for CutLog itself.
  • Analyze of real and calculated production and compare
  • Cost optimization
  • price simulation base on supplier quality wood species, diameter
  • improve log sorting
  • better production planning
  • etc.etc.
  • Unique, modern, user friendly, awarded software
  • One year free updates
  • One year email support
  • User manual



 Some of the features:

  • English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Simplified-chinese, Croatian  and Slovak user interface
  • possibility to define all combinations of produced board sizes (width/thickness) separately for first,second and middle boards for each defined wood species
  • the best optimization pattern will be choosen base on yield or produced price of timber
  • Different invoice and cutting sizes
  • radial timber optimization
  • profit and financial analyzing
  • Many optimization methods
  • independent on units (inches/mm)
  • suitable for any saw able to cut log in such way
  • possible optimization for waney edged boards
  • export to MS Excel/OpenOffice/Libre Office for further analysis
  • price can be defined for every thickness/width combination for each wood species and for middle or side boards separately
  • find one optimum sawing solution from range of diameters (unique!). (One pattern applied to all diameters gives maximum average yield or maximum price )
  • all boards from first/second pass can be the same size
  • possibility to limit the number of side boards
  • print possibility
  • simple and easy-learn user interface
  • proposal of timber price base on sawlog supplier, salog quality
    and many more



Try the new function just downloading demo version from this page. We are making this software for your daily work!



CutLog chooses optimum solution base on

  • Maximum quantitative yield of timber (Pattern Cut, FlexiCut, MultiCut)
  • Maximum price of produced timber (FlexiCut, MultiCut). Don't matter of yield. You will get maximum value of timber
  • Maximum average yield or maximum price in range of diameters (MultiCut)
  • possible priority for radial boards

It takes in account all important factors related to optimization process:

  1. kind of wood species - shrinking allowance
  2. normalization - any number of standards base of wich will be size of timber determined
  3. Production possibilities - you can define as many of combinations thickness x width in any number of groups for any number of species!
  4. Curvature and taper - natural profile of log
  5. thickness of saw blade
  6. central timber size - entered by user (sawyer) - thickness, width and length
  7. side timbers - entered by user. (thickness)
  8. log diameter - can be changed
  9. Timber price - for specified size
  10. Invoice and cutting size (shrinkage allowance) - can be different
  11. Waney - possibility to enter maximum waney for particular thickness of board
  12. and many more.

Results of optimization process:

  1. list of timber
  2. list of side boards
  3. quantitative yield (cummulative, side/center boards)
  4. quantitative yield of chips and sawdust
  5. saw blades positions for first and second pass through frame-saw
  6. size of requested log for cutting process
  7. price evaluation of center/side timber
  8. price evaluation of chips and sawdust
  9. volume of timber
  10. color pattern of sheme
  11. 3D visualisation, with possibility to rotate in space
  12. pie chart of quantitative yield

In program can be defined:

  • unlimited number of wood species
  • unlimited number of shrinking allowance data (program will aproximate them if necessary)
  • unlimited number of thickness/width combinations for each wood species in unlimited number of gorups
  • Different invoice and cutting size
  • price of timber for each size, each wood species
  • unlimited number of normalizations (which define size of timber)
  • price of material, profit, burden rate, labour costs for price calculations
  • price of the chips and sawdust
  • saw blade width
  • and many more...
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