CutLog is moving to 64bit!

CutLog is moving to 64bit!

It is almost 18 years, from first release of CutLog software.

I never would have thought that in 18 years CutLog would still be on the market as premium solution for timber sawing optimization software. Many companies using it for many years (some of them since 2007!!!).

Since 2005 many things have changed in IT industry. And CutLog is no exception. Since first release CutLog 1.05 in July 2005 there has been over 220 release versions!
Anyway.Version 1.1 has installation file with size 1,4MB and the latest 7.04 has installation file 110MB.

Many improvements has been base on your ideas, because my primary goal is to deliver the best solution for timber sawing optimization software for good price.

Back to 2005 Windows XP has been main windows OS on PC and standard was 512MB or 1GB of RAM! It was far enough then.

Now in 2023 it is different. New PC's offers 8GB of RAM and more. 16GB+ is widely available and enterprice PC's has 64GB of RAM or more.

For this ammount of RAM is necessary to have 64bit operating system, which can utilize all installed RAM.
And in addition Windows 11 is 64bit only and has no 32bit version. Also base on various statistics there are mainly 64bit windows sold in past years and 32bit OS has share under 1%.

CutLog has been developed as 32bit software since beginning. Because 64bit back in 2005 was not standard. But in last few years it hitting on limits of accessible memory.
Despite the fact that you have 8GB of ram in your system (any) 32bit software cannot utilize it. And CutLog is great example, because in case of some special features, like batch calculations or production planning stores all data in memory for fastest calculations. And in case of 2GB accessible RAM (regardless of the amount of RAM in the system) it is very limiting and then CutLog can crash due out of memory.

Only solution from this problems is move to 64bit!
Of course, there can be 64bit and also 32bit versions of CutLog. But to be honest it has no sense. 64bit windows is standard nowadays and there is no reason to stick on 32bit architecture.

In addition to more memory it has also performance advantage. 64bit software is faster to execute. Not too much, but faster.

So next CutLog release will be 64bit only and in case of upgrade, you didn't realize any change.

CutLog v7.10 (x64)!
CutLog v7.04

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