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CutLog v6.16

CutLog v6.16

We have again improved our CutLog software in more ways:

  1. Internal optimizations and fixes
  2. language changed to English the first time you run the application.
  3. client/server version -allow to define port (full Docker support)

 Docker support

Now you can store CutLog database also to Docker container. Advantage is, that you can easily maintain database and location of CutLog data can be anywhere, include NAS (network attached storage) supporting virtualization/docker (for example Synology DS720+).
Also backup can be done easily just by copy database to the safe location.

In Docker - CutLog database will execute in safe, isolated environment which requires low resources, much low than dedicated server or virtual machine.

Also any number of CutLog clients can access to the same database, so changes will be visible to all clients. 
For example production manager can maintain products list and operator just use this list. 

For more information about Docker please read this article:

This feature is available only on Client/Server license of CutLog

CutLog v6.20
CutLog v6.15

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Tuesday, 07 December 2021

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