CutLog v7.00

new release CutLog v7.00 changes

CutLog has moved to version 7!

It is great step forward, because sice first version 6.00 in April 2020 we have added lot's of changes.

Main changes in new version 7.00:

1. New hardware key support
2. Design changes related to Windows 11
3. Sort optimization - new graph design and user interface
4. Backup/Restore of network database via Database configuration tool
5. Improved localisation engine
6. Core components upgrade

Key features in more details:

New type of hardware key support

Since 2008 we deliver CutLog with hardware key's to protect our software and bring you the best user experience. However THALES - producer of this device ending support of hardware keys used by CutLog software. 

As replacement of old hardware key we started support of new Sentinel HL keys, which brings some great benefits:

1. hardware key is driverless, it means, that it is natively supported by windows operating system. No driver is necessary
2. License is stored directly in hardware key itself so you can use CutLog immediately after purchase and receiving of hardware key
3. It is much FASTER than older hardware key.

Existing customers:

For existing customers, there are no changes. You can using CutLog as before. 

One change is, that aftrer NEW installation of CutLog version 7.0 and later you have to install also Sentinel driver, because it is not part of CutLog installatiion anymore. Contact us for more information.

Design changes related to Windows 11

Due to many changes in new Windows operating system, we also changing CutLog to fit those needs.

Also CutLog has passed tests for Windows11 compatibility and we can recommend to using it!

Backup/Restore of network database via Database configuration tool

In case you have Client/Server version of CutLog, you can do backup via Database configuration tool. It is great, because now you don't need to do it by accessing to server. 

Automatic backup of network database on start

In addition to automatic backup there is also new automatic backup of CutLog database located on network server. 

Automatic backup file is created once a day on first start of CutLog software.

This feature is available in case you have Client/Server version of CutLog software

Sort optimization - new graph design

In sort optimization we have completely redesign graph for manipulating and designing sorting boxes. Now it is much.much faster and better to handle. 

CutLog v7.01
CutLog v6.60

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