CutLog V6.08

CutLog v6.08 release 

Today we have just released new version of CutLog - v6.08,

There are several new features and improvements:

 Sawlog length definition

Preset diameters and length of sawlog for optimization process - Blog

In case, you process only some set of sawlog diameters or some set of length you can preset them into CutLog. So you don't need to manually change length/diameter every time you want to calculate optimization. Menu for define Diameters or length

In addition to diameters you can now define also set of favorite lengths see following blog for details and using

 Equipment menu wizard

This handful feature will help you to identify best optimizations for your sawmill technology. In a few steps you choose 

  • your technology (you can select more)
  • ability to rotate sawlog during sawing process
  • request to have special sawing (radial/quarter sawn)

Base on your data will be hidden unnecessary optimization methods and those, recommended for you will be visible. of course, you can show/hide them in application settings afterwards. 

Equipment menu wizard you can find here:

Equipment menu wizard
Technology selection (you can select more than one, base on relality)

 Hide obsolete features in CutLog's menu

Since version 6.08 are obsolete features hidden in main Menu:

  • Pattern cut
  • MultiCut
  • Normatives

those features are not necessary. PatterCut was used in Slovakia mainly in past and in nowadays is no longer necessary. 

Please use FlexiCut2 instead of them. It is much better and versatile.

 Other changes/improvements in version 6.08

  • CutLog's core components update
  • Correction of terminology (e.g. "with of saw blade" we corrected to 'kerf')
  • Icons of some screens has been changed
  • internal optimizations and fixes

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Timber length rounding
Preset diameters and length of sawlog for optimiza...

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