Timber length rounding

Since CutLog version 6.09 you can define length of side boards in FlexiCut2 in more complex way. 

Length of center boards are equal to length of sawlog, But side boards can be shorter. And length of these boards you can define in three ways:

1. Global rounding - from application settings menu
2. For each board:
- Rounding
- List of allowed lengths

 Global rounding

This rounding policy affects all boards, which has no explicit definition of another rounding. 

It means, that any length will be rounded to nearest value defined here. for example see image below, where is rounding set to 0.25m, all boards will be in length: 1m, 1.25m, 1.5m, 1.75m, 2m. etc.

In case, user set 0.5m rounding, then boards will be from set 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m... etc

Global rounding is possible to set in application menu. See the following image

Global timber rounding policy for FlexiCut2 optimization

 Board specific rounding

In addition to mentioned Global rounding, you can define different round logic for each board.

- Different rounding: any board size can have own rounding policy
- List of lengths: in some cases is necessary to have only list of particular lengths for some board size

First of all you have to define one or more rounding policy groups. For this purpose use menu "Base data/length of timber":

Length of timber menu

In the following scree you can define any number of rounding policy groups (each has obligatory name and optional description).

Each rounding group can have two possibilities for "Length of timber":

"Rounding 0.5" group is set to rounding to nearest 0.5m

If you set particular group to "Round to nearest" then this policy can replace Global rounding as described above, but you can specify different rounding

"List 1" group is set for "Custom list"

For custom list, you can enter your own list of prefered lengths. In this case side boards assigned to this group will have length only from this list. Such groups are marked with green background

In this screen you can insert new records by entering it into the last empty row. Also you can delte record either by [Delete] button, or by pressing CTRL+Delete key.

 Product definition

In product definition window you can assign previous defined rounding policy to particular board size. If particular field is empty, then global rounding policy (taken from application settings) is used.

You can select policy by using combo box selection and pressing [DELETE] key you clear it and set global rounding definition

After these settings will be boards in FlexiCut2 optimization, which are shorter than your defined sawlog length, rounded to particular rounding policy. 

Another optimizations (FlexiCut1, CircularCut, Quarter sawn, Radial cut) doesn't use this feature.


After defining these parameter will be length of timber counted by defined policy. However, you can define if policy defined for particular board size will be applied also on center boards together with side boards or only for side boards. 

The following switch will cause, that also middle boards will be rounded according the length policy:

Swith for applying length policy to middle boards

In case it is disabled, then length of middle boards will be always equal to length of sawlog or maximum timber length (if it is set).

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