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Timber priority

From CutLog version 6.55 you have possibility to define new parameter for produced board = Timber priority In menu Base data/Products you can now define additional parameter. How does it work? When CutLog optimizes for volume, it chooses best possible pattern from all combinations. It evaluate all patterns, where maximum yield is cou...

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Dynamic timber width interval

From CutLog version 6.42 you have possibility to define size of timber a little bit easier. In case, you need to define for one thickness more board sizes with different width, you are able to use new feature called "width interval" By default is this feature disabled, so in case you want to use it, you have to enable it in settings menu: Then...

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Stock integration

From CutLog version 6.40 we have implemented possibility to apply optimized pattern to stock amount of selected wood species and diameter. This feature is integrated into FlexiCut2, CircularCut and Quarter sawn optimizations It is useful, because you can better analyze results base on current input material, you have and base on this you ...

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Custom company logo

Since CutLog version 6.30 you can define custom company logo in various places of CutLog,   It is great, because you can print reports, or send PDF's with your company image. Defining of logo is quick and easy. Of course you have to prepare it yourself and then save it somewhere on your disk. Define and using company logo First&...

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Timber length rounding

Since CutLog version 6.09 you can define length of side boards in FlexiCut2 in more complex way.  Length of center boards are equal to length of sawlog, But side boards can be shorter. And length of these boards you can define in three ways: 1. Global rounding - from application settings menu2. For each board:- Roundin...

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Products definition

Prior optimization calculation CutLog has to know sizes of boards to use, otherwise it does not know, what do you want to produce from particular log. Those boards are defined by width and thickness. Length is limited by length of sawlog itself. Basically CutLog takes those boards and  use them for calculation to ...

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