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Timber priority

From CutLog version 6.55 you have possibility to define new parameter for produced board = Timber priority

Timber priority

In menu Base data/Products you can now define additional parameter.

How does it work?

When CutLog optimizes for volume, it chooses best possible pattern from all combinations. It evaluate all patterns, where maximum yield is counted as summary of volume all boards in particular pattern. 

Priority is the coefficient by which the board volume is additionally multiplied. And this new volume will be used for counting of timber yield. 

In case of 100% priority it will be coefficient 1. For 50% priority it will be 0.5.

Easy, but this can affect resulted pattern, because some boards can has lower or higher priorities and resulted pattern will differ from standard calculation.

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CutLog v6.60
CutLog v6.55

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Sunday, 04 December 2022

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