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Prior optimization calculation CutLog has to know sizes of boards to use, otherwise it does not know, what do you want to produce from particular log. Those boards are defined by width and thickness. Length is limited by length of sawlog itself.

Basically CutLog takes those boards and  use them for calculation to resulted pattern. Of course there are more factors, on which result depend, like thickness of saw blade, but we focus only on board sizes here. 

You can group particular boards, which you produce from sawlog. So you can have group for different customers, Or for different sawing line, or just for preparing price offers for customer. Each group of boards must have unique name, so it can be chosen within optimization function.

Product window can be opened from CutLog menu 'Base data/products' or CutLog main screen on the left:

Main Products screen

In this screen is defined everything related to your production. CutLog optimize patterns only base on sizes defined here. 

Of course, different customers has different demands. So boards can be grouped int different groups. Then for optimization user select particular group in wood species and CutLog use board sizes from selected group.

Also for each board, which is defined by thickness X width can be defined more parameters:

  • Cutting thickness/width -  sizes used for optimization
  • Invoice thickness/width - sizes used for calculation of price
  • price - spearately for middle or side timber
  • position within sawlog. If this timber can occur in first/second or center of sawlog. Maybe in some cases you don't want to have small dimensions in core of log but you want to have them on side
  • waney size: If particular board can have some rounding on edge, you can define maximum of round size. 

If you correctly define requested boards, then you can just use them in any optimization, for example in FlexiCut2:

selecting product group in FlexiCut2

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CutLog v6.03 released
CutLog v6.02 release

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